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I'm creating unique QR codes for each restaurant. The QR code can be easily placed in acrylic or metal menu cardholders which we will provide. When a customer sits to dine, they can take a picture of the QR code using their phone, which will serve as a link to the restaurant's menu. When the restaurant changes its menu on its website, the QR code will adapt too.

For restaurants that are willing to adopt this, I will be designing the flyer (samples above) and generating a QR code for your establishment. I will be ordering and providing you with an agreed number of menu holders and I will be making sure the link is active and working.


Handless Menu is an initiative by NYC high school student Iskander Khan to place handless menus in NYC restaurants. Covid-19 has affected all aspects of our lives, but especially eating out and enjoying good food.

I am a sophomore at Bronx Science and I am helping restaurants develop unique QR codes that link to their online menus. Our QR codes are placed in nicely designed placards. I was successful in obtaining funding for this project from the Brunner Awards Scholarship at my school. Therefore, I am offering to do this at no cost to any NYC based restaurant for a limited time.

By providing restaurants with menus that can be accessed through QR codes on your phone, it is our hope that we can help restaurants adapt to a post-coronavirus world- where physical menus can be vectors of disease.

Contact us immediately to get your restaurant on the list for implementation.


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Concrete meets bricks Light, white and tight scandinavian design Scandinavian design Scandinavian design White walls with designer chairs